But Only Darkness Loves Me

But Only Darkness Loves Me

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Unpublished, unfinished and date unspecified. Today only two pages of the typed and handwritten manuscript remain. The first page was typewritten and the second was handwritten. Both of these can be found in box 1012 in the Raymond.H.Fogler library and are freely accessible by members of the public. The first and only part of the story (named "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World) concerns a boy who is talking to a beautiful girl in a bar in Ledge Cove, which happens to be in Maine. She is apparently too beautiful to look at any other way but indirectly. She then invites him back to her hotel room, but he ends up leaving her in the lobby and not going to her room. A few things to note about this story are that it was written with King's eldest son Joseph or just Joe Hillstrom King.


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